Agri Gold Group of Companies

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Agri Gold Group of Companies, since 1995 has been making impressive forays into different sectors with its visionary approach. The success of the Agrigold group is based on its ability to build on Forward and Backward Integrations.

Core Business Segments of Agrigold

›› Food (Aahaaram) :

›› Housing (Aavasam):

›› Health & Wellness (Aarogyam) :

›› Entertainment & Recreation (Aanandam / Aahladam) :

Agri Gold Group – Growth Progression

Agri Gold Group in the last 15 years focused its industrious mission on generating opportunities and promoting prosperity in rural and semi urban areas. Creating earning opportunities of different dimensions has been its business approach in the last 15 years.

Power, Tourism, Infrastructure and Agri Business are the core segments of the Group. Thus the Group is emerging as a conglomerate tower on a strong foundation of its principles and concepts.

Principles of Agrigold:

››   Agri Gold Group is committed to Generating Opportunities and Promoting Prosperity in Rural and       Semi-  Urban areas and adopting environment Friendly Technology

››    Agri Gold Group is focused towards Food, Shelter, Health and Employment Creation

››   Agri Gold Group strives to build up strong foundation of achieving in Togetherness and celebrating the       Success in Oneness

››    Agri Gold Group is committed towards Growth, Quality, Research & Development, Health & Safety,        Environment & Employment.