Agri Gold Properties

 Agrigold Properties is the infrastructure vertical of the multi activity group spread across three major South Indian states of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Orissa and Tamil Nadu. Agri Gold Group has diversified into several activities like Lifestyle and Health Care Consumer Products, Agriculture and related inputs like Seeds, Livestock and Milk, Food Processing, Real Estate and Construction. Agrigold Properties is established as part of the Agri Gold Group to carry out the Group’s philosophy of bringing affordable housing and plots to the middle and low income groups, yet, at the same time maintain the quality that also attracts the high income groups. With this simple, but powerful, business plan, Agrigold Properties has become the best preferred real estate and infrastructure company in South India within a very short period of operation.

Agrigold: A common house hold name

The hard work and dedication with which the Agri Gold Group operates in achieving its philosophy and values had made the group stand for the Trust. “Agrigold”is now a common house hold name especially with almost all the product range that the group has to offer. From Magazines to Healthcare; Personal Hygiene to Clothing; Housing to Recreation etc., Agrigold is the favourite brand among these households.
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